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The Shire of Perenjori Works staff consists of a building team, gardeners team, and road construction team.

Staff can assist you with

  • Storm drainage damage
  • Equipment and plant hire
  • Emergency water supplies
  • Footpath maintenance
  • Parks/reserves maintenance
  • Requests for private works
  • Road maintenance (potholes etc)
  • Road verge maintenance
  • Street tree maintenance
  • Trees across roads

The Shire of Perenjori is responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of most roads within the Shire except those under the control of Main Roads WA. If you require any works to be completed that are under the control of the Shire, such as road grading or removal of debris, please inform the Shire as soon as possible. The Shire of Perenjori is also available for private works.

More Information

To find out more, please contact Ken Markham, Manager Infrastructure Services via phone on 0427 731 002 or 08 9973 0112 or by emailing

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