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Perenjori Early Childcare Centre (PECC)

Here at Perenjori Early Childhood Centre we welcome families from local and surrounding communities. We provide a high quality service and care, working alongside our families and communities.

Our Goal 

Our goal here at Perenjori Early Childhood Centre is to provide a warm, welcoming and safe space for all our children and families. We want to provide the children with opportunities to help with their development and growth throughout their time here with us.

Our Philosophy

Perenjori Early Childhood Centre is here to provide a warm and welcoming service for all our families and the community. We are committed to the wellbeing, health, care and education of all children in our care. We aim to provide the children with the best care, plenty of opportunities to further their growth, and to build respectful, loving relationships between educators and the families at our services.

We take pride in creating a program that ensures the children’s learning and development is a priority. 

We aim to embed sustainable practices into our centre and to teach the children about the ways that we can help our environment and to teach them appreciation and respect for their surrounding environments. 

We believe each child is individual, unique and important and that they have the right to develop to their full potential.

Contact Us

So whether you are thinking of returning to work or simply need a few hours to yourself, please contact the centre Supervisor today to discuss how we can support you and your family.


(08) 9973 0200
Lot 3000 Loading Street, Perenjori (next to Perenjori Primary School)
H Monday to Thursday, 7am until 5pm
Centre Supervisor

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