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The Shire of Perenjori strive to assist the community wherever possible. Please follow the below links to see a variety of available opportunities including those for Small Business, Community and Sporting Groups.

Grant Opportunities

Available Grants

Name Description More Details

Mt Gibson Public Benefit Trust Fund

The Shire of Perenjori in conjunction with Mount Gibson Mining Ltd have established a Public Benefit Agreement to support the Perenjori community.
There are two rounds of funding offered each year to the value of $100,000 contributed by Mount Gibson Mining Ltd per year.

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Grant Application Tips

The tips on this page will help you not only to determine your organisation’s eligibility to apply for a Grant, but also to prepare, plan and complete your application. Some grants require local government organisations only to submit applications. If this is the case, please contact the shire about the grant and we may be able to assist. Major details relating to the specific grant need to be filled in by your group, while the shire can fill in contact and financial details.

Success Stories

Congratulations to all the success stories throughout the years:

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