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Leasing of business tenancy units at the Perenjori business incubator centre.
  • Personal Information

  • Respondents Response

  • The following checklist has been provided to assist you with your Submission. Where it is necessary to provide additional information please ensure that all documents are clearly marked with the relevant attachment title to assist the evaluation panel with their assessment.
    (NOTE: All pages within Part 4 are to be completed and returned to the Principal as they form part of your Submission).

  • Selection Criteria

    • Compliance Criteria

      Please select with a yes or no whether you have complied with the following compliance criteria:

    • Compliance with the Conditions of Responding contained in this Expression of Interest.
    • Compliance with the Specification contained in this Expression of Interest.
    • Qualitative Criteria

      Before responding to the following qualitative criteria, Respondents must note the following:

      • All information relevant to your answers to each criterion are to be contained within your Submission;
      • Respondents are to assume that the Evaluation Panel has no previous knowledge of your organisation, its activities or experience;
      • Respondents are to provide full details for any claims, statements or examples used to address the qualitative criteria; and
      • Respondents are to address each issue outlined within a qualitative criterion.
    • Relevant Experience

      Describe your organisations/company experience in delivering services to agriculture, mining, domestic and commercial markets.

      • Provide scope of the Respondent’s involvement including details of outcomes;
      • Provide details of any issues that your business has had to attend to and how these were managed;
      • Demonstrate competency and proven track record of achieving outcomes.
    • Accepts PNG, PDF, JPEG, JPG. Maximum file size: 1MB.
      Accepted file types: png, pdf, jpeg, jpg.
    • Key Personnel skills and experience

      Respondents should provide as a minimum information of proposed personnel to be allocated to this project, such as:

      • Their role in the business;
      • Curriculum vitae;
      • Membership to any professional or business association;
      • Qualifications, with particular emphasis on experience of personnel in projects of a similar requirement; and
      • Any additional information.
    • Accepts PNG, PDF, JPEG, JPG. Maximum file size: 1MB.
      Accepted file types: png, pdf, jpeg, jpg.
    • Demonstrated Understanding

      Respondents should detail the process they intend to use to establish their business in Perenjori. Areas that you may wish to cover include:

      • A project schedule/timeline (where applicable);
      • The process for the delivery of the goods/services;
      • Training and additional resources (if required); and
      • Supply details and provide an outline of your proposed implementation plan in an attachment labelled “Demonstrated Understanding”.
    • Respondent’s Resources

      Respondents should demonstrate their ability to supply and sustain the business:

      • Plant, equipment and materials; and
      • Any contingency measures or back up of resources including personnel (where applicable).

      As a minimum, Respondents should provide a current commitment schedule and plant/equipment schedule in an attachment and label it “Respondent’s Resources”.

    • Accepts PNG, PDF, JPEG, JPG. Maximum file size: 1MB.
      Accepted file types: png, pdf, jpeg, jpg.
    • Risk Assessment

      Tenderers must address the following information in an attachment and label it “Risk Assessment”:

      • An outline of your organisational structure inclusive of any branches and number of personnel.
      • Provide the organisations directors/company owners and any other positions held with other organisations.
      • Provide a summary of the number of years your organisation has been in business.
      • Attach details of your referees. You should give examples of work provided for your referees where possible.
      • Are you acting as an agent for another party? If Yes, attach details (including name and address) of your principal
      • Are you acting as a trustee of a trust? If Yes, give the name of the trust and include a copy of the trust deed (and any related documents);and if there is no trust deed, provide the names and addresses of beneficiaries.
      • Are you presently able to pay all your debts in full as and when they fall due?
      • Are you currently engaged in litigation as a result of which you may be liable for $50,000 or more?
    • Accepts PNG, PDF, JPEG, JPG. Maximum file size: 1MB.
      Accepted file types: png, pdf, jpeg, jpg.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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