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The Ceremony will commence at 8.30am and will be followed by a morning tea in the Council Chambers.

The Shire of Perenjory will welcome two (2) new Citizens at an Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony on Tuesday 26 January 2020

The below statement outlines the Shire of Perenjori’s Citizenship Ceremonies Dress Code Policy. This Policy applies to all guests attending the Ceremony.


The Citizenship Ceremonies are an important event where people make a commitment to Australia, therefore the attire of attendees at Citizenship Ceremonies should reflect the significance of the occasion.

The Shire of Perenjori encourages Citizenship Ceremony attendees to wear, as a minimum, smart casual attire. Attendees are also welcomed to wear their own national/traditional/cultural dress as an acceptable standard.

Attendees should also ensure they dress appropriately for the venue and season in which the ceremony is being held.

The following attire is not considered appropriate and should not be worn to ceremonies:

  • Beach wear
  • Rubber thongs
  • Bare feet
  • Slippers / Ugg boots
  • Offensive shirts
  • Sports training apparel
  • Hi-Vis clothing


Due to COVID 19 restrictions the maximum amount of patrons permitted in the Council Chambers at any one time is capped at 20. If your would like to attend, please RSVP by 8.00 AM Monday 25 January to Bianca Plug on 9973 0100 or

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